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2006/2013 FRP Tridem

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DuraTanker 7600 gallon

Composite straight round Tridem axle semi trailer
Model: CCI-40-2A DuraTanker
Specifications: CCI DOT SP-14779
Product: Corrosives and acids compatible with the lining material, per chemical
resistance guide,
Maximum Density: 16 # / gallon
Operating Pressure: 35 psi with vacuum relief
Design Temp: 180 deg. F max. (chemical dependent, see Derakane).
Capacity: 7600 gallons shell full or as designed
Compartments: 1
Design: Straight round, 1-compartment frameless design
Shell Length: 516” (43’-0”)
Overall Length: 483” (40’-3”) center of kingpin to center of last axle
Width: 102”
CCI Lining: 120-140 mil Derakane 411-350 Momentum vinyl ester with Derakane
510 fire resistance exterior resin
CCI Carbon Veil: 10 mil carbon veil beneath the liner for DuraShield corrosion barrier
monitoring system and spark testing capabilities
CCI Corrosion
DuraShield system including lugs mounted in spilldam that communicate
Barrier Monitoring with carbon veil for corrosion barrier monitoring system
CCI Shell: Duraliner FRP/balsa/FRP with Derakane vinyl ester resin
CCI Heads: (2) Duraliner FRP with Derakane vinyl ester resin
Baffles: None
Overturn: FRP at spilldams,
Spilldam: FRP, around compartment #1 manhole, two 1-1/2” drains around the
outside of the barrel with PVC ball valve at the bottom. Locate near the
rear of the front compartment.
Top Unload: Yes at rear spill dam
Bottom Unload: No
Coupler Height: 48” (loaded) ground to kingpin plate
Bumper: Wheels back design with required DOT bumper
Manlid Collar: (1) 20” CCI Dura manway bolted flange in center spilldam with 20” bolted EPDM gasket.
Manlid Fittings: (1) 10” CCI hinged fill cover with lid mounted EPDM gasket and stainless hardware.
(0) 2” FRP flanged nozzles in 20” manlid
Vent Nozzle: (1) 2” FRP flanged nozzle in middle spilldam street side
Top Air Nozzle: (1) 2” FRP flanged nozzle in middle spilldam curbside
Top Unload Flange: (1) 6” FRP flanged nozzle in rear spill dam with dip tube and outlet
piping to 2” with Camlock to rear of trailer.
Bottom Unload (0)
Pressure Relief (1) 3” FRP flanged nozzle located in tank centerline inside each
Flange: spilldam
Cleanouts: None
Laminated-on and side walkway at center spilldam, ladder supports, hose tray supports
Attached Brackets:
Manlid Nozzle #1: None
Manlid Nozzle #2: None
Upper Discharge: Rear spill dam
Dip Tube: Yes
Top Outlet Valve: Yes 2” air actuated.
Top Discharge: Yes
Top Discharge Per above
Valve and Fittings:
Pressure Relief: (1) 3” Girard 407 Teflon lined vent on 3” x 4-bolt flanged nozzle located
on tank centerline inside each spill-dam, or equal.
Top Air Supply Ball (1) 304 stainless off the air supply or as needed.
Top Air: (1) ¾” air line with stainless Chicago fitting, pressure gauge, and
stainless ball valve located at both the front and rear of the trailer.
Run the top air line in conduit to the ladder area and tee with (2) ¾”
stainless ball valve and black rubber air hose around the tank up to each
spilldam and through the spilldam wall.
Continue with short rubber jump hose inside each spilldam to reach top
air inlet. Terminate jump hose with 1” female PVC coupler and docking
stub in spilldam. Provide cables for plugs and attach to spilldam wall.
Continue top air line to rear and terminate with ¾” stainless ball valve
and stainless Chicago fitting. Tee and install ¾” stainless ball valve with
hose nipple pointing down. Mounted on 6” x 6” bracket on street side
pump platform for pump supply air.
Top Air (1) 2” PVC/EPDM manual butterfly valve with metering handle
Valve & Fitting: 2” x 1” reducer flange and 1” male PVC adapter and cap elbowed to
curbside in each spilldam.
Tank Air Vent (1) 2” air operated PVC/EPDM butterfly valve with air open/spring
Valve & Fitting: close actuator. 2” PVC flange and 2” x 180-degree PVC elbow vent in
each spilldam street side.
Lower Discharge: (1) None
Bottom Outlet Valve:(0)
Bottom Discharge (0)
Piping: and 3” x 4” x 90-degree elbow or Salco equivalent.
Bottom Discharge Valve:(0)
Bottom Discharge Fitting: None
Blow-out Line: None
Pressure Gauge: (1) liquid-filled 60 PSI stainless pressure gauge at front. No top or rear-mounted
pressure gauge.
Operator: Compartment #1 air switch for the bottom outlet valve mounted ahead of
pump area curb street side. Mount vent air switch on the same side
behind the pump platform.
Brake Interlock: Included on bottom outlet valve and top vent valve operator switches
Thread Tape: Teflon tape
Cement: CPVC cement when socket connections are used
Butterfly Valves: Asahi Type 57 manual and air operated butterfly valves or equal. PVC
body and disc with EPDM seats unless otherwise noted. Manual
butterfly valves with metering handles. or equal.
Downstream PVC adapters, couplers, plugs, and caps.
Fittings & Flanges: PVC 150# flanges
Gasket Material:
Top unload valve gasket: EPDM
Discharge valve gasket: See discharge valve
Vapor vent gasket: See vapor vent
Top air flange gasket: See top air valve & fitting
Manlid gasket: EPDM
Fill cover gasket: EPDM
Pressure relief gasket: EPDM
Flanged ball valve gasket: None
Use 304 stainless fasteners and hardware in spilldam areas.
Catwalk: Aluminum top platform curbside with aluminum grip strut standing area
and railing.
Ladder: (1) aluminum ladder at center spilldam curbside with non-slip steps.
Fenders: (2) aluminum full tandem single radius front 96” wide
(6) aluminum full single axle fenders at rear 102” wide
(4) Rubber mudflaps
Hose Carrier: (1) CCI 4” x 20” x 25’ long FRP tray street side with ¾” PVC ball valve
and rubber drain hose at inside rear. Include stainless chain hose
retainers down the length of tray.
Hitch: None
Toolbox: None
Tire Carrier: None
Placards: (8) Labelmaster flip style holders, corrosive
Permit Holder: Betts PS-1 street side at landing gear frame
Chain Holder: (2) Protech chain holders (1) each side in landing gear area at
Lights: Trucklite LED tail and marker lights
(3) tail lights per side, center amber turn in aluminum
light housing
(4) marker/clearance lights per side (1) end of rear light
housing. (1) front fender (1) single function at center off ladder and hose
(1) side sequential turn signal at the rear of the front
fenders each side.
I.D. cluster at rear top
License plate light street side rear light housing
Center Stop Light: None
Nosebox: Frame mounted with air and 7-way connection
Worklight: None
Backup Lights: None
Frames: Steel upper frames at front and rear with lower steel suspension frame.
Stainless bands around tank with additional retention points inside
Suspension: (3) Hendrickson Intraax #AANT supplied from original frame of Comptank.
60-60” spread or equal.
Tire Inflation: None
Springs: Air springs with dump valve at front of street side tandem frame
Axles: Hendrickson 23,000 # capacity, 771/2” track, TP-spindle or equal.
Brakes: 161/2” x 7” “Q” linings
Wheel End Type: 10 stud hub pilot (HP10)
Hubs: Conmet aluminum, TP-Series
Seals: Oil seals and hubcaps
Drums: Fabricated steel (centrifuse), outboard mount
Dust Shields: None
ABS/Brake System: 4S/2M Haldex ABS
Brake Chambers: Haldex Type 30/30 spring brake chambers
Slack Adjusters: Haldex 51/2” automatic slack adjusters
Wheels: (12) 8.25 x 22.5 aluminum disc hub pilot or as agreed.
EXISTING WHEELS & TIRES will be used unless authorized.
(6) outside clean
Tires: (8) 11R22.5 Michelin XT-1 or as original to the axles.
Front Coupler: Undermount adjustable steel kingpin plate assembly with three
adjustment holes front and rear.
Landing Gear: Jost 2-speed with sand shoes, crank curbside.
Paint: Steel parts primed and painted including axles to the best possible.
Barrel, spilldam, overturns, piping, and hose tray painted surface coat
Conspicuity: 2” wide reflective tape full length of tank on tank below the tank
Signs: Standard emblem and caution decal package. Decal the letters FRP (in
3” block red letters) and DOT SP-14779 (in 3” block black letters) on
each side at the front of the trailer just below conspicuity stripe.
Vapor Test: None
Calibration: Theoretical calibration charts in 1” increments
Owners Manual DuraTanker/ Silver Eagle manual.

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Location: Krohnert USA
Year: 2013
Make: Silver Eagle
Model: FRP
Capacity: 7600 USG
Body Style: Tridem
Code: DOT412
Compartments: 1
Axle Spread: Tridem
Wheel Size: 22.5"
Hose Tubes: Hose Tray

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