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Since launching the first fully graphical website for the transportation industry in 2005 we have been keenly aware that our customers demand more from their online experience. Now with the new launch of this website we are providing a format that is searchable and viewable on all platforms. We will be unveiling several additional options over the upcoming months all focused on making your online experience easier, more enjoyable and of course more profitable.

We welcome your comments and feedback on our new site.  If you don’t see something here you are looking for just let us know and we will get to work locating it for you.

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Recent Vehicles

Browse through the vast selection of vehicles that have recently been added to our inventory.

Hot Product B-Train
CNG Trailers for Sale
1986 Hutchinson Pup Trailer
Stainless Steel Truck Mount Tank
1998 Remtec Quad
1996 Remtec Quad
1991 Westank B-Train
1990 Westank B-Train
1986 Hutchinson B-Train
1991 Stainless Steel B-Train
2002 Advance 6 Compartment B-Train
DOT407, Stainless Steel Tandems For Rent
30000 Litre Quad Pull Trailer Double Conical
44000 Liter Tridem Double Conical
22000 Litre Stiff Pull Pup
22000 Liter chassis mount conical
2015 Columbia 5 Compartment Petroleum B-Train
2015 Advance/Lazer DOT407 Tandem
2015 Advance/Lazer 1050 Cu’ Dry Bulk Tandem
2015 Advance Petroleum 5 Compartment Tandem
2014 Advance 5 Compartment B-Train Rental
1999 Lazer Sanitary Quad Axle
2014 Advance Crude Oil Tridem
2015 Advance 6 Compartment Petroleum Quad
2015 Fusion 6 Compartment B-Train
2015 Advance 6 Compartment B-Train



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